The New Reality

The perception of fine art galleries is changing, and as savvy gallery owners we are part of the evolution.

The image of fine art as an elitist luxury has given way to something more subtle, understated and special – exceptional service and lasting value. Today’s consumer is searching for quality that reflects their lifestyle rather than flashy to impress their friends. They want to browse and patronize galleries that exude an aura of warmth, welcome and respect for their intelligence and tend to avoid those that project an image of snobbish intimidation. Discerning patrons have no need of status symbols that proclaim their affluence. They have ceased to buy into the hype. They embrace the only two rules for purchasing fine art: Buy what you love and buy from a dealer you trust.

The new reality is a substance over style approach by consumers. It is value and service driven with more emphasis than ever being placed on surrounding themselves with things that have meaning and embody their personal taste.

Fine Art has only one function defined best by Louis Comfort Tiffany: “To bring beauty into your home, so that you can enjoy it, and so enhance your life.”

by: Suzanne DeBruyne