McCann, Barbara

We remember Barbara McCann’s enthusiasm for life and passion for art as it came to a close in July of 2011.  We are proud to present this beautiful retrospective of her paintings that are full of life – much like Barbara herself always was.

Barbara was born and raised in western Pennsylvania in 1948.  She began her artistic endeavors with drawing as a child and then with painting in her formative years.  She took a four year apprenticeship in architectural illustration and design when she was 18 years of age, which set the stage for her artistic career.

Barbara explored a variety of mediums and methods for her painting.  She studied oils with acclaimed figure painter Marilyn Bendell, and then discovered the works of Nicola Simbari, an Italian artist whose vision and style has been an enduring inspiration for her. Her heavy impasto technique in vivid color, much like Simbari, imbues objects and figures with an air of solidity and dimension.  Her love of light and application of heavily textured oils mark her as heir to the impressionist’s ideals.  Light, shadow, color, texture and perspective are the fundamental elements Barbara used to create visions of warmth and wonder, full of life and light.

Price Range

$3,000 - $15,000


19th, 20th & 21st Century American Paintings