Charles Paul Gruppe (Amer 1860-1940)

Charles Paul Gruppe was born in Picton, Canada, but his love of painting drew him to Europe where he eventually settled in the fishing village of Katwyk Ann Zee, Holland.  His skill and superb draftmanship was so apppreciated by the Dutch Royal Family and he was elected to the Hague’s Pulchre School.

Charles Paul’s son, Emile, was inspired by the Gloucester harbor and moved to Rocky Neck, Massachusetts.  He was later joined by his father and the rest of his family.

All of the Gruppes at one time or another worked in Emile’s Rocky Neck Studio – now the Gruppe Gallery.

Charles Paul was honored with numerous awards and medals, including gold medals at Paris and Rouen, and two silver medals at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1903.


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