Christopher Ries (Amer. b. 1952)

Christopher Ries grew up on a farm near Columbus, Ohio.  He studied art at the Ohio State University.  During courses in ceramic glaze calculations he learned to make and appreciate glass.  He received his BFA in 1975 and his MFA in 1978 from the University of Wisconsin and an honorary doctoral degree from Misericordia University in 2010.  Today he is a highly acclaimed contemporary glass artist known worldwide for his prodigious art.

By the late 70’s Chris was sculpting glass cold by cutting, shaping, grinding and polishing it in his home studio  He began acquiring pure, clear lead crystal from Schott North America of Duryea, Pennsylvania, and today he collaborates with them as artist in residence.  He is a sculptor of light with internal reflections rendering ethereal worlds whose dimensions defy the very bounds of their elegant containers.  These apparitions are generated by painstakingly liberating each solid piece from giant, monolithic blocks of  optical crystal, the purest in the world.  The resulting contours produce the dynamic interplay of glass and light that constantly resolves and melts away before the viewer’s eyes.  Each composition is a symphony of physical laws and human genius that comprises a body of work that is at once intellectually and spiritually spellbinding.  The designs in his work is what Christopher refers to as “the fourth dimension”.


Sculpture & Glass