Carabain, Jacques
(Belgian 1934-1892)

Carabain was best known as a painter of landscapes and architectural street scenes. He was born in Amsterdam in 1934, but later changed his nationality and became a Belgian citizen. He began his career as an artist under the guidance of Doyer and V. Bing at the Academy of Amsterdam, and travelled widely throughout France, Italy and Germany before setting in Belgium.

The Museum of Ypres and Museum of Rudolfinum have his works, and the Hotel de Ville in Brussels also has a series of his works in which views of Brussels are depicted.

Carabain is listed in the Benezit Dictionnaire des Peintres and is considered one of the eminent painters of market and street subjects during the 19th century. His compositions are noted for their intensity of palette and meticulous brushwork. He has left representations of a number of the principal cities and towns in Holland, Belgium and many of the centres and picturesque villages within the bounds of Europe.

Price Range

$2500 - $250,000


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