Landa, Julien
(Dutch, Born 1947)

Julien Landa was born in Rotterdam in 1947.

Painting in the tradition of the Dutch Masters, his still life paintings combine antique and contemporary objects with an elegant classicism. The sense of a moment captured in perpetuity informs these works in the observation of light and form.

Landa’s affinity with Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer can be clearly seen in these paintings. Capturing the light and creating a harmonic atmosphere is his primary means of communicating with his viewers. Many of his works have opened into mysterious interiors and twisting streets all the while retaining his emphasis on light and shadow.

Julien Landa’s works have appeared in publications in Europe, Central America, Japan, United States and can be found in numerous collections throughout the world.

Price Range

7,500 – 29,500


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