Jensen, Karl
(American, 20th Century)

Karl Jensen was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.  His father is also a sculptor of note, and his great aunt, Elaine Brockbank Evans, taught sculpting at the university level.  thus he grew up surrounded by art and creativity.  While at the university he studied under Angelo Caravaglia.

Sensitive portrayals of faces seem to be Karl’s trademark.  He has the unique ability to “capture a moment in time” to bring something of the freedom of childhood to us.  Children are his favorite subject matter because of their beauty and innocence.  “Childhood is a carefree time of joy and play, making it a perfect source of artistic ideas with universal appear,” Jensen says.

Karl’s work embodies the articulation of the human spirit, from serene moments of daily life to those of playful joy.  He strives to capture the essence of an expression of a gesture, drawing the viewer in with an aura of a moment frozen in time.  His work, ranging from small indoor bronzes to life-size outdoor pieces and fountains, can be found in collections across the country.


Sculpture & Glass