Milton Hebald (American 1917-2015)

Born in 1917 and died in 2015, Milton Hebald was a sculptor working primarily in bronze. He did figural pieces that have strong diagonal lines and Baroque theatricality.  He was interested in the roots of sculpture from the eastern Mediterranean tradition through the Renaissance and Baroque periods, especially Bernini of Rome.  His most famous work is the Zodiac Group, a 220 foot-long bronze in the terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport.  Another of his subjects was the novelist James Joyce of whom he did a life-size  sculpture which marks the author’s grave in Zurich, Switzerland.  He also created the bust of Richard Tucker at Lincoln Center; and Romeo & Juliet at the Delacort Theater in Central Park, NYC.

Hebald was drafted into the Army in 1945 and figured out a way to use his gift by making models of weapons and other equipment as training aids.


Sculpture & Glass