Bradley, Paige
(American , Born 1974)

Paige Bradley is a classically trained American sculptor living and working in London, England. Her representative figurative bronzes reveal the beauty of the human form as well as the complex, often contradictory, yearnings of the human spirit.In an era where abstract and conceptual sculpture is often favored over figurative works, Bradley maintains her love of figurative art. She believes that the figure can speak an essential timeless and universal language. In 2001 Bradley was voted into the prestigious National Sculpture Society as a professional sculptor. In 2006 Ballet International Foundation commissioned her to create a bronze award to be given annually at major international competitions.

Much of Bradley’s work emanates from her desire to use art as a medium that is both healing and inspirational. An example of this is “The Ribbon of Hope and Courage” which in 2012 was donated to St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota. The 15 feet high piece features a dancer performing an arabesque and trailing a 50-foot-long bronze ribbon that rises above her head and across the room. “My wish is that this sculpture will help inspire those with pain to feel free again, and those with troubles to feel light again. The magic of art, however, is that I can never imagine the profundity of what the viewer can bring to the meaning of the work.”


Price Range

$5,000 - $31,000


Sculpture & Glass