Moulthrop, Phillip
(American, Born 1947)

Philip Moulthrop’s father, Ed Moulthrop, who is also an accomplished wood turner, taught Philip the basic techniques of wood-turning. However, at age 13, Philip was bored watching his father hand-forge his own chisels. He graduated with a law degree from West Georgia College and dabbled in photography.  He soon realized that he really enjoyed working with his hands so he got into the wood-turning business.

Philip buys his wood directly from the tree cutters and selects it very carefully, looking at the cut ends for contrasting colors and patterns. Other craftsmen turn cured, dried wood, but Philip, by first soaking freshly cut wood and still moist (green) wood in a wax bath, begins with a much smoother surface. Philip creates his unusual mosaic bowls by appying cross-sectional discs of white pine and mimosa to a bowl form and joining them with a mixture of black wood dust and resin. He then turns the bowl on a lathe and scraps the original form from the inside.

Philip has bowls in the White House collection, the Smithsonian Institute’s Renwick Gallery, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

More recently Philip was asked to provide his bowls as gifts to the 9 attendants at the  G-8 Summit meeting which was held in Sea Island, Georgia and attended by heads of state of those countries.  The Office of Protocol made the request and the pieces were approved by Laura Bush at the White House.

Price Range

1,500 – 9,500


Sculpture & Glass