Vilanova, Ramon
(Spanish, Born 1941)

Ramon Vilanova’s home, visually and spriitually is Catalonia, province in Northeast Spain with its own language (Catalan).  Barcelona is the main city of Catalonia and also has a landscape painting tradition as seen by some of the most famous artists ever lived.  The lands have a cornucopia of views to delight the painter’s eye:  snow-covered mountains, miles of wild coastline, arid and sun-baked vistas, forgotten houses on uninhabited lands.  The farmhouses are ringed by lush fields of poppies, sunflowers, wheat and deep green grasses.  Vilanova paints there – and paints all en plain aire.  As he notes, he “paints only what he sees”.

When a client tried to commission with fields of sunflowers, he replied “but the sunflower season is over”!  Pressed further on the subject, he obliged by painting the field, but the stems were shriveled, and all the sunflowers were dead.  It’s what he saw.

Vilanova was born in 1947 in Caldes de Montbui, a small Barcelona town.  As a self-taught painter he began his “lessons” at age 16 when his aunt gave him a box of paints and an instruction book.  His work has been shown in individual and collective exhibitions at museums of France, Germany and USA.  His work can also be seen at Museum of History of Gerona, the Museum Deu in the Vendrell, Museum of Vitafranca, the House Museum Prat de la Riba in Castelltercol, the Museum Manolo Hugue of Caldes of Monbui, Museum of Granollers, as well as the collective at the Palace Meca in Barcelona in Spain.

Vilanova frequentlfy donates his paintings to the Red Cross in South America, Spain and Africa

Price Range

5,500 - 20,000


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