Clark, Roy & Amanda
(American, Born 1970 & 1978)

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roy and Amanda Clark are pioneering a form of artwork which is “sculpted”.  First, Amanda paints on sheets of brass or stainless steel.  Then Roy takes a grinder, removes the paint and reveals the metal, creating reflective contrasts that give the illusion of both depth and movement.  Amanda repaints, and so the dance of painting and grinding begins.  Each piece changes with the daylight and follows you as you move.


Acrylic on brass creates a soft, yet dynamic tension.  Together, Roy and Amanda create a reflection of themselves as a couple and expand their limitations.


Amanda is a graduate of Kendall College and Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Roy graduated from Calvin college in Grand Rapids and is also an author, pastor, innovator and inventor.





$12,500 and up

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